Copyright © 2002-2005 Michel Messerschmidt
This program is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
(see license text for details).


This program was written for internal use at the antiVirusTestCenter at the University of Hamburg.
Any other use certainly requires much configuration changes.
The latest release is 2.62
Release Date: 2005-02-19

avtctest source code  [192 kB] (gpg signature)
SHA-256 checksum: 7abd533344303c40c981cf14ff668047b4766024adba0ad3571342c40e226a9b avtctest-src.zip

complete avtctest code (source incl. scannerkeys and test configuration)  [755 kb] (gpg signature)
SHA-256 checksum: 32a90632633691f28ce34f6c45d95007e2b17f120ba7b4cbd2104784eea8ddca avtctest.zip

Internal presentation about the technical details  [PDF, 171 kB, german]

What is avtctest ?

avtctest was written as part of my bachelor thesis.
While originally intended just to evaluate logfiles of the antivirus product tests at the aVTC (antiVirusTestCenter), it soon developed into a more extensive program.
Implemented functions include the creation and maintenance of test configurations, the creation of packed testbeds, report generation for work coordination and automatic generation of parts of the final test report.
Further enhancements are easy to implement because of the modular program design.
avtctest can be used from the commandline or with the included graphical user interface.
It is optimized for low bandwidth (or high traffic) networks and slow old clients computers.
avtctest is able to parse logfiles with filenames in unix- and windows-conventions.

avtctest was tested with the following systems and perl versions:

System Requirements

Restrictions and known bugs

Questions, comments, ...

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